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Ridgid Circular Saw

I think if you've been reading my blog, you can tell a few things about me.  When I find a tool brand that I love, I tend to stick with it.  Today's blog post is dedicated to my new favorite, recently purchased Ridgid circular saw!

Here is my baby... ;-)

I'll tell you why I love this thing, but before I do, you have to know where I came from....
This is my old Skil circular saw. I've had it for about 8 years and it has served me well, but there were things I didn't like about it, some things I didn't know until I held my new saw in my hands and used it for the first time.  Tragically, I dropped my Skil saw (while attached to my Rip-Cut) and it wouldn't turn on.  I needed a saw right away because I was in the middle of a project where I would be using it a lot so off to Home Depot I went in search of a new circular saw.  Thank God that store is so close, as I purchase 95% of everything I use from them!  Anyway, back to the story.  I went to the power tool isle and saw that Skil still sells the same basic saw that I have owed for 8 years!

Two things could be said about that, either they aren't willing to change with technology and improve their tools - or - they are so good that really there is nothing to improve on.  Now I'm not going to get all snobby and say it was the first scenario, but I can tell you that there ARE better saws out there.

So, now to tell you what I like about the new Ridgid.  First, it is well balanced in your hand.  When you pick it up, it doesn't seem front heavy as my old saw did.  It's a little bit lighter too.  

Second, I always seemed to have trouble with having the Skil sit completely flat on a work piece, or when using a guide, having it sit up against the guide.  I didn't know where the saw was on the work piece and that was a problem. How can you be accurate if you don't know where you are with the saw?!  I don't have that problem with the Ridgid, it's very sure footed if that makes sense.  Solid on the work piece, with full contact.

Next, putting a blade on the saw isn't a chore where you have to go and find tools to remove the outer blade washer.  This has tools on board!  The hex wrench to remove that nut and outer washer is all right at the base of the handle.  Great idea and easy to get to!

Also, I like the blade depth release lever.  To adjust the blade depth on my old Skil, you got the unpleasant benefit of racking your knuckles against the saw to release it.  On the Ridgid, it's on the outside of the handle assembly so accessing it is much easier.  

Something I like that may not be as safe, is that all I have to do with the Ridgid is pull the trigger when I'm ready to cut. There is no safety pre-switch you have to push in order to pull on the trigger.  I like it, but obviously the pre-switch is there for a reason.

There is also a very clearly defined, full length kerf indicator!  You ALWAYS know where you are with that.

And lastly, the reason I love this saw is that it IS a Ridgid, that means a lifetime service agreement!  "This unprecedented protection covers all defects in workmanship or materials and normal ware items for the lifetime of the original, registered tool owner." - Taken from the brochure included with the tool

Honestly, if you ever find yourself in need of ANY power tool, check out Ridgid, you won't be sorry you did. Sure it might cost a little more up front, but what's that old adage? Oh yeah, You get what you pay for! ;-)

(As a disclosure, RIDGID power tools doesn't know who I am, isn't paying me to say the things I do about them and has never contacted me in anyway)

Happy Building!!


4 Comments to Ridgid Circular Saw:

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Kristen @ Pink Toes and Power Tools on Friday, August 02, 2013 7:10 PM
Your post just reminded me that I haven't sent in my Ridgid Service Agreement paperwork yet!! This is my first Ridgid tool, so I'm glad to know that you are happy with the brand. I got a table saw a month ago, but we didn't get it assembled until last weekend and I'm going to admit that the thing scares me to death! But so did the circular saw at first :) Looks like you've been busy with projects!!
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Tracy @ Simply Designed on Friday, August 02, 2013 7:59 PM
Hi Kristen! Yes, I have been busy and I have some really cool reveals coming up here soon! I hope you come back to see what I've been doing around here! ;-)

Claire on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 6:44 PM
Oh thank goodness. I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers convenience over safety precautions that are mostly geared towards beginners (who are typically scared stiff around power tools anyways). Why bother baby-proofing powertools?
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Tracy @ Simply Designed on Wednesday, August 14, 2013 8:21 PM
Hi Claire, yes I have really grown to love that feature on my new saw. I kinda think that it's a bit safer than the other one simply because you know that when you pull that trigger, it's live. And because it's live, I'm super vigilant about how I pick it up and where I put it down at. Something that everyone should do when handling power tools, every time.

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