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Some new photos...
Buying Custom Furniture; a how to.
Good-bye 2014...
When is it time to let go?
Trunk Coffee Table


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Some new photos...

Have you seen these doors on my Facebook page?

I built these doors for a lovely lady in sunny California last year. I thought I put photos of them on here but after searching, I couldn't find them, so if you didn't catch them on my Facebook page, you can see them in all their glory here. ;-)

She explained to me that she wanted them for a really cool outdoor shower area. Gave me the dimensions she would need and away I went!!

These doors are build with Cedar, to help protect the elements as well as several coats of spray Spar Urethane to protect against the sun and water from the pool/shower area.

Buying Custom Furniture; a how to.

Getting a custom piece of furniture can seem like a confusing task, there are so many options for each piece and you are often only limited by what you can imagine.

Here are some things to consider when contacting any carpenter or woodworker for a custom piece of furniture.

Size.  Its always a good idea to come to your builder with general dimensions of the  piece you want. Whether its a table or a bread box, there are no real set dimensions for every type of furniture so it's important that it's build the size YOU want.

Good-bye 2014...

I hope 2015 is treating you right!! Technically, it's only the second day of 2015 but hey, lets hope that it's not terrible already ;-)

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and Thanksgiving too. Its been very busy at my house and I just don't know how all those bloggers can handle it all - posting everyday (most of them) as well as get their houses decorated perfectly and do all the cooking for those holiday meals. That. Is. Not. Me.

My blog will most likely never display photos of perfectly decorated homes, perfectly prepared meals, perfect families gathered around a perfectly set table.

When is it time to let go?

So, I haven't written much on my blog, I've been fairly busy with life and with building. But I've come up against an obstacle I just can't seem to get myself around. I keep asking myself, when is it time to let go of something? An idea, a field of work, even a relationship.  When do you know it's time to say goodbye to something you love?

I feel like lately I'm being told that I should quit building furniture by the universe (cause you know how pesky the universe can be when it talks to you).

Trunk Coffee Table

So I promised to show you what I did with my estate sale find, a vintage trunk. Ok, maybe I didn't promise it here, maybe it was Facebook, I forget. Anyway... Here is how I found it.

It was really, really gross.  It had been in a garage/shop for years it looked like. There were two tags on top and one on the side. The tag in the upper right corner couldn't be salvaged as it was covered with what looked like drywall compound.  I promptly set about cleaning it!

Here's a shot of the inside.

Seasons Change

As you can tell, I've been away from blogging for awhile.  This past year has been rough.  We've had personal family struggles and children making transitions into life-stages that have been pretty rough on this momma!  My youngest was home schooled this last school year and although I think it's a wonderful option for many families, it led to a lot of discord in our home.  Sometimes to the point of feeling hopeless.

For me, hopelessness leads to depression and for someone who's struggled with depression for many years, that is not a good place for me to be.

Finally....the installation of cabinets

I have done it! I have finally installed the uppers and base cabs in my laundry room with my husbands help!! Here is the before of the laundry room

No judging... ;-)

As you can see, there was a lot of changing needed.  The open storage was just not working for us - you could see EVERY thing we didn't want people to really see.  We have three baskets (four if you count the small one) for sorting laundry.  I have taught my children since they were little how to sort laundry and at the age of 12 they were all helping with the laundry.

Mellow Yellow

Today I get to reveal a project that I really enjoyed working on! Sometimes the projects I'm given really make me happy to work on and this was one of those!

I am really bad about just jumping in and getting started and not taking "before" pics. I'll post a few of the pictures that I DID take and then reveal the finished product.

Here, I'm removing the veneer top that was water damaged while being stored.  It buckled and pulled nearly all of it up from the top.  The veneer that was left behind was REALLY difficult to get off, it took chiseling it off with a hammer and putty knife to get most of it off, then I followed up with sanding it down.

While we're here...

I'm currently in the middle of updating the window treatments in my living room/dining room area but while I'm waiting for those to be done, I thought I'd share more pictures of Gertie.  I didn't take very many to start with for her reveal (I told you I'm not a photographer!).

Here's how my drawers are laid out;

In the silver drawer, I took advantage of the dividers by placing packets of apple cider and black tea bags in it. On the right divider, I'm saving it for another yummy drink that I might come across in the future.

Can I Offer You a Cup of Coffee????

Do you remember Gertie?  Here's a picture of her to refresh your memory...

I know, I know.  When will I take a photography class so I can start taking better pictures? Well, the short answer is, maybe never! LOL  I'm not sure when I could fit a photography class into my schedule and I KNOW I'd rather spend my money on tools, not cameras.

I originally posted that I would be willing to sell Gertie and I suppose if the price is right, I may still, but for now, I've decided to love her and bring her into my home.
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